Monday, February 20, 2012

Tutorial: Zipper Bracelet

Remember how I have 50 zippers to do projects with this year?

Well, I used two more of them to make a couple of zipper bracelets.
This project is fun, simple, and has so many options to make it uniquely yours!

I had fun picking out the zipper and the button to go with it. I actually used buttons that were my great-grandmother's on these bracelets. I remember walking through her house when I was little and picking out this little container of buttons that I wanted to keep. This is the first time I have ever used any of those buttons. Most of the buttons are just regular, but there are a few that are unique. I used one that was unique with a black zipper and one that was less exciting with a white zipper.

1 zipper
1 button
about 2" of elastic cording (or an elastic hair tie)
Colored thread (either coordinating or contrasting)
Fray Check
Sewing machine/thread/needle, scissors

#1: Open the zipper, and cut off the end that is still connected.
Now you have two zipper pieces.

#2: Pin your two zipper pieces together so the teeth are on the outer edges.
Overlap the fabric portion of the zipper about 1/4".

#3: Sew down the center of your bracelet using your choice of stitch.
Make sure you catch both sides of the zipper as you sew.

#4: Cut the zipper to a comfortable length around your wrist.
(I cut mine to 6-1/4" length, but I have small wrists).
#5: Add a small amount of fray check on each end of the bracelet.

#6: Hand sew the button along one edge.
#7: Sew your elastic cording in a loop along the opposite edge of the bracelet
(with the raw edges of the cording on the back of the bracelet).

#8: Try on your new bracelet!

I also tried out the heart stitch on my sewing machine for fun.

I just think this project is so versatile.
I would love to see the zipper, button, and stitch combination you would choose!

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  1. What a cute idea- so many possibilities with different stitches and color combinations! Saw you at Remodelaholic party. :)

  2. Love anything that make me "armed with pretty!" And these seem quite simple to make. New to your blog and glad I found your creative space on the web:D Happy Wednesday!