Monday, February 6, 2012

Tutorial: Quick V-Day Tree Branch Decor

So, if you haven't noticed on my blog already, most of my projects use items that I already have around and don't involve purchasing a lot of extra supplies. I also focus a lot of time on sewing/craft projects and baking. However, I do like to mix it up and do a little bit of decor every once in awhile.

You may remember (or may not) my cheap Christmas branch decor project that I posted in December. Using a vase from the same garage sale ($2), some tree branches from the neighborhood, a little gold spray paint, and some coffee beans I made some Valentine's Day decor that is perfect for a mantel (or in my case, a shelf).

This project is pretty simple. I used two types of branches. One type is a dogwood (I believe), where the branches are already red. The other type is just any old regular brown branch. The brown branches were spraypainted gold.

Next, the branches were stuck into a green foam thing inside of the vase. Some branches were trimmed to fit in the vase better.

Finally, coffee beans were pored around and on top of the green foam (making sure to cover it all).

Now you have some fresh smelling, quick Valentine's Day decor to place on your mantel!

Come back on Wednesday, because I am going to be showing you
a fun garland I made for Valentine's Day!

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  1. I'm glad you posted this: a friend of mine, years ago, painted a complex branch pure white and strung it with red lights, mounting it on the wall above her daughter's bed. It was beautiful! I don't think we've nearly "plumbed the depths" of decorative branches in the home.