Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Date Night

We are not all about extravagant dates around here. We like to keep things simple and just spend time together. I have/will receive two items for Valentine's Day this year.
#1 - a tulip plant (that the hubs received for free from work)
#2 - a pack of skittles (which I am totally excited about!)

I was planning on making something for the Mr. around here, but beings that I only have a few hours left this afternoon and I am not really sure what I should make him - it may not happen. Although I may have just enough time to make him a Yoda bookmark...

In case you are wondering what we have planned for Valentine's Day...I am planning on making these chicken and white bean enchiladas with creamy salsa verde (delicious!)
from skinnytaste.com
and watching Star Wars episode 6: The Return of the Jedi. Yeah, we are super cool over here. We watched episodes 4 and 5 over the weekend, and decided to finish the better trilogy on Valentine's Day. The weird thing - I totally requested to watch Star Wars on Valentine's Day (it was one of those things I felt like I needed to do before having a baby). haha. And we rented it from the library, so this is a totally free date around here (my favorite kind!). I think this is the one with ewoks! For some reason I have always thought they were so cute. Probably because they kind of look like teddy bears.
Dessert? Well, I may make a batch of these monster cookie dough cupcakes...or we may just pop some popcorn.
from www.somethingswanky.com
 Oh yeah - this is all happening right after we go to the gym. Something about a normal day is kind of sweet.

What are your Valentine's plans? Anyone else doing some super cheap date? I would love to hear about it!
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  1. I totally love free date nights!! I keep finding myself coming back to your blog through different outlets and I love it. :) I've awarded you the versatile blogger award. You can stop by and grab your button anytime you're free.