Monday, January 2, 2012


Are you one who makes resolutions? I have never really been into that. I think the last time I made a resolution I was in elementary school. I have always had the mindset that if there is something that you want to change, just start it today (or tomorrow morning).

After reading so many resolution posts this year though, I kind have changed my mind. I still believe strongly that you shouldn't wait months and months to make a change that needs to happen, I just see something peaceful about the fresh start of a new year.

This year brings a lot of changes to my husband and I. We are moving into our first house in just a couple of weeks. We are having our first baby in April. I am at home - which hasn't happened before. There are lots of changes, and I can see the importance of having some goals and some plans for the year to keep moving forward. To keep on being who I am - yet improving. To not get lost in all of the day-to-day tasks. Some of my goals are personal, some have to do with my hobbies (sewing and cooking) and this blog. I decided to write them out here so you can see a little bit more of who I am beyond what I do and create.

My word this year that wraps all of my goals together: BUILD.
Build on what I know, who I am. I don't want to end next year the same person that I am this year with the same knowledge and skills. I want to expand; I want to build.

Let's start off with my sewing/cooking/making/crafting goals:
1. I got this bag of zippers last year from a friend (she got them for $1 at a garage sale). There are 50 zippers in that bag - 48 of them work. I want to use quite a few of them this year in different projects. I plan to share those projects with you! I have a couple of projects that I plan on sharing this month!

2. I want to sew an article of clothing for myself. This may be something that happens sometime in the fall - because my body is changing all of the time right now with this pregnancy. Maybe a skirt, maybe a shirt - just something that I like. I will definitely be posting about that.

3. I would like to read up and know more about different kinds of knit fabrics and how to sew them correctly.

4. I want to build a piece of furniture. Maybe something related to crafting, maybe a piece of furniture.

Modern Craft Table

5. I want to finish knitting a scarf I started about 5 years ago (I just need to read up on how to finish it).

6. I want to make a wreath. I recently bought a big book for 10 cents in order to make a wreath using book pages. I hope it turns out well!

7. I have some great windows from my family's farm. I want to finish those and hang them in my home. I have several ideas for how I want to do this, but I haven't decided on how they will be finished and hung.

8. I have 2 quilts that just need some finishing (one needs quilting and binding, one just needs the binding). I want to finish those.

9. I want to sew together my new quilt top fabric for our bed.

10. I want to plant a garden - and actually grow something! Then I plan on eating it (the things I grow - not the garden itself). I am thinking tomatoes, peppers, onions, and garlic. makes me excited for the spring/summer!

11. Find some really good homemade bread recipes. I would love to have fresh baked bread as a smell our little one associates with home. That, and I love bread!

Personal Goals:
1. Stay physically fit and active throughout and after my pregnancy. Lots of walking - and I can't wait to start running again this summer after our little one is born!

2. Spend time daily reading the Bible. I haven't decided a plan on how I am going to do that this year. I have read through the Bible in a year a few times, but I think I would like to take it a little slower - taking time to reflect, to build my relationship with God. Time to reflect and apply. Time to examine my heart. Any ideas or plans for how you are reading the Bible this year? I would love to hear!

3. Memorize at least one verse a week. I am hoping that these verses stem from my daily reading and/or Bible studies. I would really love to have more pieces of Scripture on my heart. I also think this is a good goal as I will be spending a lot of time holding and snuggling a new little one in our family - a good time to practice saying verses and thinking about there meaning.

I know that very few people will take the time to read what I want to do this year (a lot of words, only a couple of pictures). This is one of those posts that is probably more for me than for you. I hope to share with you throughout the year on my progress for these goals. I know that maybe not all of my sewing/cooking/making/crafting will be completed this year, but I hope to make a dent in my goals! Maybe seeing my goals will help you to remember to set personal goals besides just goals for your crafting year.

Blessings this year to you!
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