Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tutorial: Zippered Anything Pouch

If you haven't noticed, some of my favorite things to sew are clutches and purses. I love that you can use fun fabrics and make a useful item. I also love that you don't have to know someones size in order to give a personalized gift!

A friend of mine showed me a pouch similar to this one that she had bought for around $15 dollars. She said she would love to have more of the same pouch and wanted to sew them herself. I took some measurements of the pouch she had, and based the project off of that (I condensed the size just a little bit so I could use two fat quarters of fabric). The fun part is, you can use the general steps for this pouch and make it whatever size you want to! If you need something to hold a few toiletry items for traveling, measure the length of your toothbrush and make sure it will fit.

It is a perfect pouch for keeping toys together...

...for art supplies to keep little (or big) hands busy...

...or to keep your newest craft project all together and clean for mobility!

I hope you have as much fun making your zippered pouch as I did.


  • Two Fat Quarters (one for the outer fabric and one for the lining)

  • Two - 11" x 10.5" pieces of fusible fleece or batting
  • One - 10" zipper (use this tutorial to help you get the right length of zipper)
  • Basic sewing supplies (thread, sewing machine, scissors, etc.)


#1 - Cut each fat quarter into two 11" x 10.5" rectangles.
*If you are using fusbile fleece, press it to the back of your outer fabric or your lining fabric now.

#2 - Layer your outer fabric and lining fabric right sides together. Center the zipper between these two layers along the top edge, facing the outer fabric (it should be about 1/4" from each edge). If using batting - place the batting on top of all of the layers. Sew across the top edge.

#3 - Layer your other piece of outer fabric and lining fabric with right sides together. Center the raw edge of the zipper between these two layers along the top edge, facing the other outer fabric (it should be about 1/4" from the left and right edge). If using batting - place the batting on top of all of the layers. Sew across the top edge (sewing through 4 layers - including the batting/fusbile fleece).

#4 - Lay your fabrics out so the zipper is in the center. On the left side of the zipper should be one piece of lining fabric, one piece of the batting, and one piece of the outer fabric. The same three layers should be on the right side of the zipper. Sew next to each side of the zipper.

#5 - Open your zipper about halfway. Lay your pouch so the outer fabric is facing right sides together on one side of the zipper, and your lining fabric is facing right sides together on the other side of the zipper. The batting can be placed either with the lining or with the outer fabric (I placed it with the lining). Sew around the pouch, leaving a 2"-3" opening along one side of the lining. Be careful not to sew the edges of your zipper as you sew around the pouch.

#6 - Optional: Make box corners. There are several ways to do this (so do what is comfortable for you). I lay my corner flat, so the seam is running down the middle. Line up your ruler so the center seam line and the edge of the fabric is at a 45 degree angle. I measured 2.5" across and drew a line.

#7 - Sew along this line, and cut off the corner about 1/4" from the seam line. Repeat with the other bottom corner on the outer fabric, as well as the two bottom corners on the lining fabric. This will give your pouch a flat bottom.

#8 - Turn the pouch right side out.

#9 - Sew the opening in the lining closed by handstitching or using a small seam allowance.

#10 - Enjoy your Zippered Anything Pouch!

What are you going to put inside?

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  1. Thanks for posting a tutorial for the clutch, I look forward to making one or two...or more...
    Very clear instructions!

  2. Love it! Question: How do you get your zippered corners so crisp after turning rightside out? My corners at the zipper ends are always bunched up and frumpy looking. Thanks!!

    1. That's something that I have been working on. I find that it is helpful to make sure that the zipper length measures a 1/2" less than it would take to get to the edges. This way, when I sew with my 1/4" seam allowance, I don't sew in the zipper. I don't have this perfected yet, and it is something that I try to improve upon with every zippered thing I make!

  3. Wow. This is super cute. I really am not that good at sewing - I'm pretty inexperienced - but I like to make gifts for friends, and this would be a good challenge for me. Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. I ran across your tutorial on Nifty thrifty things and thought the bag was so cute. I shared your bag on my blog and put a link back to your blog for instructions. You can see it at Thanks for the tutorial !

  5. I wish I could sew, this is SO CUTE! It caught my eye so I came to look but honestly, I can't sew a stitch :(

  6. I saw this on Sew Cute Tuesday at the Creative Itch. I love this! I hope to make one too, but zippers discourage me! I did my first on last week, and I did it completely wrong, but it works! Anyway, I will have to give this tutorial a try and see how it goes! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Awesome tutorial! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out here: