Wednesday, July 27, 2011


About 2 years ago, my best friend introduced me to the world of craft blogs. I have enjoyed reading so many over the years - always saving more ideas than I will ever actually complete. My mom always says that if you go to the library and check out more books than you have time to read (in this case, save more blog post ideas than you have time to complete), you are satisifying the illusion that you have time to do everything you want. So, although I have only finished a small percent of the projects that I want to complete, I am starting a blog to catalog those projects. I am going to take more pictures of the things that I make (both good and bad) and reflect on what I would do different or the same. The goal for me is have fun and get better at everything that I set my hand to. And, to finish a few more of those projects that I tell myself I have time to do!

- K Pin It